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Devin Greenwood is an American audio/visual artist and composer of contemporary classical music based in New York City. His musical work centers around the antenati practice— a compositional approach he developed in 2018 along with composer Gideon Crevoshay—which serves as the basis for his sound. His visual work often focuses on obsolete tech such as oscilloscopes, video synthesizers and 1980s game consoles and together with his music, challenges audiences’ bodily engagement with their individual perceptions of sound and light.


He is the artistic director and co-founder of as well as the owner and co-founder of the DUMBO recording studio The Honey Jar. He has worked with artists such as Sufjan Stevens, Steve Reich, Priit Parn and Pauline Oliveros creating audio recordings, works on film, public installations and performances worldwide. In 2019, Devin was profiled on the cover of Tape Op Magazine (issue #133) for his work with Broken Orchestra and his work has most recently been presented at BlackHole (Los Angeles) and Video Art Festival Turku (Turku, Finland).

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