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Superstructures: Nine Sense Variations

for Voice and A-100 


Superstructures is the first antenati composition and was originally recorded on November 21, 2018 at The Honey Jar in Brooklyn, NYC. Additional composition took place in August and October of 2021 and the piece was premiered at BlackHole Los Angeles on November 20th of that year.

From the opening's program: "These nine movements were developed over three years by composers Gideon Crevoshay and Devin Greenwood. The work is the result of a compositional practice the two call antenati—a name which means "the ancestors" in Italian and refers to the emergence of musical structures from a canon of tension-resolution patterns performed in real-time by Crevoshay using his free vocal technique. The result is a kind of collective behavior displaying intelligence and form beyond the intention of the composers, evolving continually to the tempo of the breath for 54 minutes."

Artwork is Physical Math 76239 (Vectrex, LZX and A-100), 2021

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