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The Wildcat

For String Quintet

The Wildcat_edited.jpg
The Wildcat for String Quintet
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Antenati often produces a monophonic passage called a spiral which may be duplicated, offset and recombined to produce a spiral canon. This string quintet was composed from an antenati spiral called The Wildcat, created while I was on a residency at The Cedar Grove in West Glover, Vermont. During a walk, I encountered a wild lynx and mused on the colloquial term wildcat—seemingly more common when I was young and when wild felids were yet more numerous in The United States. Always a fascination of mine, I felt the American wildcat’s presence during the course of the residency warranted acknowledgment and named this spiral after her.

The Wildcat for String Quintet was taken from the first hour of The Wildcat spiral at approximately 47 minutes and scored for string quintet with two cellos. It is 6 minutes long and ​was performed by The Rhythm Method and recorded on November 15, 2023 at Reservoir Studios in New York City.

The artwork is Physical Math 791735 (Vectrex, LZX and A-100), 2021

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