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Diastole Is When The Heart Lets Go



Well your character inserts his own lines

Sorts through the refuse of his own finds

He paints in long and melancholy lines

While the lookers look on from behind


The grass is blue down in Tennessee

But the faces aren't faces that you wanna see

And in the interim spaces you can break for free and then

Set off running for the sea


And you whistle through world and it makes you swoon

You feel like a child in a childhood room

Forgetting bout the people in line and the days that you waited

When everything becomes illuminated


Well the bull market

It did a nose-dive

Now the bears are circling the beehive

Well you dropped your shares

Cause you're trading inside

But you know it's gonna haunt you till you die


Well they're puttin' more people on the front lines

Where the vultures perch on the street signs

Where the old men seek

But the young men find

That they're already running out of time


In the former republic of the IOU

We rose to sound of a military coup

But we found that the promises they made had been miscalculated

When everything became illuminated


Well you're locked in the back of an old truck

And you curse to heaven for your bad luck

And the police are tuggin' on a door that's stuck

But you still can't seem to give a fuck


Well the old boy's sleeping on a trampoline

Cause he'd given up tryin' to keep his nose clean

And then he wakes up thinking that it's gotta be a dream

Cause the plot line ain't what it seems


And he knew what the well and the sick have in common

The story that the snowflake whispered in the oven

He smiled as he gazed on the faces of the one's that he hated

When everything became illuminated


Texas holdem’ is a bad game

When your too drunk to know your own name

When the chance is gone 'fore you even know it came

And the cards all start to look the same


The fold is filled with it's own food

But the kids won't eat they're in a bad mood

And the killer is tilling up the walking path

And he's pouring out the concrete bath


You spend forty years coddling your only hit song

You sit around waiting with the radio on

When the money is gone

And the light in your eye is faded

Then everything will be illuminated


You take your place at the table with the bride and groom

And you feel like a child in a child hood room

When you run into the arms of the one that you thought you'd evaded

Then everything will be illuminated


-Delancy St. Ritenhouse Sqaure, Philadlephia 2007

Words and music by Devin Greenwood © 2011 Secret Piney Music

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