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There was a time when the Eye in the Cloud seemed a mere romantic doom-projection, a quest that involved snake charming melodies, words and cadences that put us at a distance from that near-future we have since achieved. Now old parts of my mind and this city are being leveled. The hazy primary-colored plastic signs of corner Chinese joints are being replaced with a blinding, blinking, blue-backed light. Perhaps this type of light as Devin sings, “this is the darkness for me”. 

But these songs feel from some other time, a time of joy rides in sweltering heat when we still had cars to drive off in and desire seemed more habitual however wise or foolish. These songs were the arc between the point A’s and point B’s, the crests and cradles amidst the hellos and goodbyes. 

The path to understanding comes through cacophony and camaraderie not calcification. To me, this is the essence of music. Old recordings new recordings they all occupy a place that is always within. The resurfacing of Eye in the Cloud is a reminder of this: that things can be had and taken, but songs stay. They are a warm capsule of truths, half-truths, and wild imaginings. Real earthquakes entwined with dream visions. 


-Birdie Busch, Philadelphia

released November 3, 2006 

Produced by Devin Greenwood 
Recorded by Rachel Russell at Scullville Studios, Scullville, NJ 
Mixed by Shelly Yakus, Rachel Russell and Devin Greenwood at Scullville Studios 
Assisted by Kim Hall, Vanessa Rud and Jonny Szczesniak 
Additional vocal production by Darcy Ataman 
Additional engineering by Devin Greenwood 
String and horn arrangements by Matt Davis 
Mastered by Dave McNair, Dave McNair Mastering 
Executive Producer, Jerry Klause 
Cover image by Nim Ben Reuven 
All songs written by Devin Greenwood copyright © 2006 Secret Piney Music 

Devin Greenwood – lead and backing vocals, bass guitars, baritone, electric and acoustic guitars, lap steel, piano, hammond B3, wurlitzer electric piano, philicorda, kalimba, juno106, qs8, accordion, hand claps, mandolin, percussion, chanter, additional drums on This Over Here 
Ross Bellenoit – electric, acoustic, 12-string electric, baritone, classical and slide guitars, lap steel, geoffery family band piano, juno106, piano and drums on
This Over Here 
Ivan Funk – drums 
Joe Boruchow – electric and slide guitar 
Sean Hoots – electric guitar 
Larry Campbell – pedal steel, banjo 
John Francis – harmonica, backing vocals 
Michael McShane – backing vocals 
Todd Erk – bass guitar on Bamboo Forest 
Andrew Keenan – electric guitar on Passion Weak 
George Stanford – trombone on Passion Weak 
Bryan Rogers – tenor and baritone saxophone 
George Barnett – french horn 
Mike Cemprola - flute 
Jason O'Mara – oboe 
Meg Kajino - violin 
Josh Sussman - violin 
George Burton - viola 
Matt Roberts - cello 
Nathan Barnett - tamborine

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