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Skeleton Key



I called a doctor he

Drove from the village the

Very next day

You were still bleeding your

Swollen heart beating we

Knelt to pray

We prayed for the angels to

Carry you back but we

Failed cause they carried you home

They carried you home


Your bedroom is empty there’s

Dust on the table that

Stood by the door

The picture that faded is

Still on the mirror I

Don’t use that one anymore

But all the neighborhood girls

Play dead on my floor and I

Forget I’m alone

I forget I’m alone


You were my baby I

Held you last summer but I

Let you go

To small corner diners

Intelligent designers the

To and the fro

Cause all of my recipes they called for blowing leaves

But you brought me snow

I was always behind one

I was always behind


With all of the light in this world

I had only a glimpse of you

And if I had a year I’d explain to you dear

What they’ve put me through

So with some whiskey and a skeleton key I’ve

Locked my room and there’s

Nobody home now

There’s nobody home


One day I fear that I’ll

Make such a mess that I’ll

Seal my fate with this

Binging and purging and spiritual emerging the

Crooked and the straight

Now the wisdom tree and the skeleton key stand

Stark by the gate where the

Night children roam

Where the night children roam


-1307 Christian St, South Philly 2007

Words and music by Devin Greenwood © 2011 Secret Piney Music

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