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I dreamed that i was liquid, loose-limbed,

Longing all around me and within me

The way there always is and always will be


Sleeping soundly in a boat with

Lapping tongues of water singing sweetly

In a language i have only heard while dreaming


Two hours north

The meeting of our finest china is springing into bloom

As waves of matter race away to bring the news


That the first since 1633

Is dancing right through albany

And waking her and me as four close friends are coming loose

Waking up and slowly coming loose


Towers sway in Venezuela lovers lay

My bed is passing through the floor

Look at the windows and the doors

The room is breathing like a lover whispering

The first few words of a dawn earthquake


The sound of birds is forming tiny circles

Voices overheard discussing earthquakes, x-ray vision

Footsteps doorways television


Muscle spasms move from bed to windows

Trading spaces notions shifting

Just as tenderly as my heart races


The wishing well at Candandaigua Mountain

Has been turned into a fountain by a rushing wall

Of oscillating speed


And two accounts that were overdrawn

Were re-assessed and closed upon

A quick and bloodless ex-lovers decree

-Albany 2002

Words and music by Devin Greenwood © 2006 Secret Piney Music

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