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They Call Along The Lake

Tektronix 465B, Hammond B3, Juno 106, Various instruments
Audio/Visual by Devin Greenwood. Created for Ione's Sixteenth Annual Dream Festival

Distances Of Scale


After a perfect pregnancy, on May 21st, 2014 our little boy came into this world. For three months he stumped the doctors and nurses at Westchester Medical Center with the strangest constellation of symptoms they had ever seen. After much heartache and some adventure, a story of love and family came to a conclusion on Santa Catalina Island.


Shock Corridor

Audio by Lovestreams
Visual by Devin Greenwood
Tektronix 465B
Trident 80C


Polio Jitterbug

A boy, afflicted with polio and confined in an iron lung 

embarks upon a flight of fancy and finds release in the power of empathy.

Directed by Devin Greenwood.

Stop Motion Animation by Alison Dilworth & Devin Greenwood.

Written by Alison Dilworth, Justin Gebhard and Devin Greenwood.

Story by Miriam Jones


Early Oscilloscope Improvisation No.1

Superimposition (With Filtering and Amplitude Changes)
Trident 80c + Tektronix 465b + Cannon HV30 + FCP X
Video and Audio by Devin Greenwood


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